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Your media is delicate, and vitally important to your business. That’s why we take great care to store it in the perfect environment: secure, controlled, designed specifically to provide you with maximum peace of mind.

All your media are carefully and methodically scanned, verified and racked. A full and dynamically updated inventory of all items in store is held by DRS – this database details the item serial number, client short-code, date received, return date (if applicable), rack location, previous movement history, and is available 24/7 to our clients via DRS Media Online.

Media Storage

Media Transportation

Media Destruction

DRS is particularly skilled at secure media destruction. We can offer degaussing or physical destruction, either separately or in combination, and you can specify an inventory of items destroyed, or witness the destruction itself. Either way, you’ll be provided with a certificate of destruction. We can destroy any volume of media, from single items to bulk, and we can either destroy materials we store on your behalf, or collect media from you for destruction.


DRS use a SV5000 Degausser (pictured below) to perform the data erasure. The SV5000 Degausser has been approved by the UK Government and meets the specified requirements of CESG Degaussing Standard.

Physical Destruction

DRS employs the expertise of a member of United Kingdom Security Shredding Association (UKSSA) to undertake the physical destruction of media – the process by which the media is shredded and crushed to granular level. The UKSSA stipulates and enforces the highest standards in confidential data destruction and the manner in which it is undertaken, including compliance with BS 8470.

Quotations are available on request for any of the above options. DRS is always flexible and willing to discuss any specific requirement.

DRS Media Online

Out of sight is not necessarily out of mind. Many of our customers enjoy being able to keep track of their media through our innovative Media Online system.

This sophisticated, but simple-to-use online system allows you excellent control over your off-sited media:

Important Note

No actual Client Data is visible or transmitted by the DRS Media Online System. The DRS Media Online System is a database of media and transit case external serial numbers, from which no information on, or as to the contents of which, can be deduced. The primary functions of the DRS Media Online System are to view the inventory of current items in storage, view the movement history of a particular item of media and to select items for return.

Media Management Locations

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