Switch Mobile Media OperatorsSWITCH – Mobile Media Operators

We understand how much of a headache it can be to resource tape-changing activities in your data centre or server room.

But we think we have the answer.

SWITCH is our mobile service, which combines the secure off-siting of your media with actually changing the back-up media in your servers or robotic libraries on your behalf.

Our team of mobile media operators are experienced in the secure exchange of media in virtually every type of commercially available tape drive or library unit.

This service is particularly useful if you operate a ‘dark-site’ or where it is more cost effective to employ an experienced and trusted 3rd party to undertake all tape handling activities.

The combination of DRS Secure Courier, Media Storage and SWITCH provides a total media handling solution and is available even in the most remote parts of the UK.

It’s cost-effective, it’s secure and it’s done with the utmost professionalism. Why not try it?

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